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Social Identity Mapping Tool

The Social Identity Mapping Tool (SIM-tool) is a psychometrically validated instrument designed to provide a comprehensive overview of a person’s social world. The SIM-tool allows us to visualise social groups and concretely develop a personalized representation of subjective social-psychological reality.

The SIM-tool will be available soon to try!

The SIM-tool has at least three advantages over other measures of social identity:

The SIM-tool assesses complex, dynamic social psychological processes. Unlike more traditional measures which typically focus on social identity strength, the SIM-tool is able to capture information such as group compatibility, number of positive group memberships, amount of contact with groups, and more.
The SIM-tool is a fun, educational, and even therapeutic experience for participants. Unlike most psychometric instruments, the SIM-tool is interactive and generative, allowing participants to explore and communicate their own subjective social reality.

The SIM-tool is a validated and reliable psychometric instrument, which has been shown to be responsive to social change and predictive of a variety of social and health outcomes.

For more information about the SIM-tool, you can read about it in the following papers:

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The SIM-tool will be available soon to try!

An online version of the SIM-tool is currently in development.
Check in with us later to test it out!