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Organisational Identity Mapping Tool (OIMT)

The Organisational Identity Mapping Tool (OIMT) is an instrument that provides a visual representation of social groups as they are experienced by members of an organisation. This tool allows respondents to map the various groups that they feel part of in their daily work as well as the various groups that they interact with.

The OIMT is a form of social identity map designed for use in organisational contexts, and individual maps can be aggregated to create an organisational identity map. The OIMT can be used as a basis for a range of organisational assessments and interventions including those that focus on leadership, strategic planning, and communication. It has been used successfully in a range of industry sectors and applied to a suite of organisational problems.

For more information about the OIMT, you can read about it in the following papers:

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Jetten, J., Haslam, S. A., Iyer, A., & Haslam, C. (2010). Turning to Others in Times of Change Social Identity and Coping with Stress. [Book Info]

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