New: Social identity mapping

Social Identity Mapping: A procedure for visual representation and assessment of subjective multiple group memberships

The Social Identity Mapping tool (SIM) is a method for visually representing and assessing a person’s subjective network of group memberships. The SIM tool measures dynamic and complex social-psychological constructs, in ways that are both nomothetic (allowing for generalization) and ideographic (in allowing for the exploration of subjective meaning). Such a novel tool is of paramount importance for psychological research, in which primacy of subjective experience is crucial. The tool allows us to move beyond the limitations of self-report instruments, and which participants can sometimes find boring, if not disempowering and alienating. In contrast, SIM is visual, immersive, and self-exploratory, and in which all numerical outputs are kept ‘under the hood’. The data generated by the SIM tool however, demonstrates that this need not compromise the scientific integrity of this measurement instrument, and may in fact increase its validity by furnishing researchers with representations of a person’s social world that are both subjectively meaningful and phenomenologically valid.

For more information about the SIM-tool, you can read about it in the following papers:

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