Organisational Research & Initiatives

We are interested in what helps to create inspiring, healthy workplaces and the role that social identities play in this process. Our research covers a broad range of topics related to the role of groups and social identities in organisational life. These topics include building productive groups and teams, leadership and followership, organizational change and communication, motivation and creativity, and stress and well-being in the workplace. Further detail about selected topics is provided below.

Selected Research Topics

We use a wide range of research methodologies to in our work, including experimental studies in the laboratory, intervention studies, field surveys and experiments, and archival analysis to advance theory and test practical applications.

Leadership and Followership

Our research focuses on examining leadership as a group process and the ways in which leaders can inspire followers by creating, representing, advancing, and embedding a shared identity (a sense of “we” and “us”).

Organisational Change and Communication

Change and effective communication pose ongoing challenges to organizational functioning. In our research, we examine the factors that underpin effective communication and management of change processes.

Health and Well-being in the Workplace

Research indicates that an engaged workforce is fundamental to sustainable and productive organizations. Our research investigates the social dynamics that affect people’s stress and health at work.


We teach postgraduate (Bachelor of Psychological Science and Master of Organisational Psychology) and supervise undergraduate and PhD students in a across a wide range of topics.


We actively collaborative with industry to better understand the challenges that organisations face and to design and test effective practical solutions. This work has been conducted with many national and international organisations in the public and private spheres, including the Royal Navy, Queensland Health, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Leadership Foundation for Higher Education and Medical Women’s Federation.