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Other Organisational Projects & Research

The Social Identity and Groups Network conducts research into a broad array of organisational psychology research topics. As we document in other sections of this website, this work relates to leadership, creativity, communication, motivation and wellbeing. However, exciting new projects are emerging all the time.

One such project concerns role modeling.

Role Modeling

Any perusal of the media reveals a multitude of the stories that implicate role models in people’s acquisitions of roles that are valued by society (e.g., parent, leader, innovator) as well as roles that are not (e.g., school drop-out, rogue trader, criminal). This points to a widespread belief that role models matter. However, there is very little understanding of what makes a person a role model and how role models make a difference in other people’s lives.

Drawing on social identity principles, our ongoing research is providing evidence that role modeling is a process of identity influence. By this we mean that it is when people identify with a role model that they internalize the occupants role identity and are more likely to subsequently come to acquire it themselves.