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Identity Leadership Inventory (ILI)

The Identity Leadership Inventory (ILI) is a theory-driven, validated inventory that assesses four components of identity leadership as originally laid out in “The New Psychology of Leadership”. This four-dimensional model has been validated in multiple strands of research and these are reported in a 2014 Leadership Quarterly article (click here for full text).

The ILI is an assessment tool that is designed to be useful for both researchers and practitioners and it is available as a comprehensive 15-item and a short 4-item form. Guides to use as well as scoring keys are available online: ILI (Full, 15-item), or ILI-SF (Short-Form, 4-items). The ILI is freely to available for use in academic research. For use in commercial and other purposes, please contact lead author, Dr. N. K. Steffens.

We are interested in ongoing research projects that help us better understand the ways in identity leadership plays out in different groups, teams and organizations across different domains in organizational psychology (e.g., business, sports). Our research agenda in the Social Identity and Groups Network centers on factors that facilitate the development of identity leadership, the various processes that identity leadership triggers, and the various outcomes that flow from leaders’ identity management.

Identity Leadership Inventory